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December 11, 2017

New era for Jefferson dawns with ribbon-cutting for science, music buildings

by Romiko Bautista, Christile Guinto, Christopher Ramos Jr., and Amirah Tulloch

Students and staff all gathered on Monday, February 22 to witness the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Science and Band buildings at Jefferson High School to celebrate their grand opening.

It was a warm, sunny day. School administrators and district staff members strung blue and gold ribbon between two newly planted trees in the courtyard of the new section of the school in order to prepare for the soft opening of the J and K buildings. The band gathered behind the podium. As the bell for brunch sounded, students and teachers congregated to watch the ceremony.

The construction of the new building was announced in 2014, where a similar groundbreaking ceremony took place with the band and district executives. Now the renovation has come full circle, and the Jeff community gathered eagerly to witness this long-awaited event.

Speeches were given by JHS Principal BrockSAM_2246meyer; Mr. Thomas Minshew, the superintendent of the school district; and ASB President Gillian Licudo (‘16), and the event was kicked off by a performance from the Jefferson Blue and Gold Regiment Band.

The Paw Print asked flute section leader Rebecca Guituan (‘17) to comment on the new and improved band room. She said that the new sound-proof walls and larger space will help the band to improve both on the small and large scale when it comes to practice.

“I really like how the practice room is soundproof…the acoustics helps us hear each other and improve. It will really help us in sectionals,” she said.

Jake Tanner (‘17) expresses his feelings about working in the new band room, “Compared to the old room, you have to be a lot louder to be heard.”

Tanner states that there’s a ringing in his ears just standing in the new room, and the acoustics make everything sound better.

Tanner also says that it has been a slow move, but the heavy lifting of band items it is worth the work for the new space. He continues, “The band is still the same, but the sound is more ‘there’ than in the old room. It resonates more within the room.”SAM_2212

Band member Frenz Cabison (‘17) adds his opinion on the sound of the new room, “Better than the old band room, you hear all the sounds whereas in the old band room, there are parts covering or dampening another and you don’t hear everything.”

Cabison also says that it had been something he has looked forward to since freshman year, and it’s fulfilling to have the new room done.

His final thoughts, “ It is a new life for us, a new chapter for us. We’re excited to make new experiences together.”

And the band people aren’t the only ones who benefit from the new buildings. In addition, Jeff’s Science Department is receiving a new home.

The Paw Print asked AP Chem student Mackelvin Malabanan (‘16) if the new features in the building would help prepare him for the AP test. Mackelvin believes that the equipment and facilities in the new building will help him prepare for the AP test.

“There are better stations for chemistry,” he SAM_2194said.

The science teachers, while having a few concerns, had a generally positive reaction to being relocated to the new rooms. Teacher Wanderson Carlos states, “I’m particularly happy with the new building, it’s finally done. But it’s going to take a while to feel good about being in here. I imagine it is like moving to a new home; it takes a while to get used to where your stuff is.”

The celebration ended with a speech from ASB President Gillian Licudo (‘16) speaking on behalf of the Jeff community and expressing our thanks and gratitude at the completion of the new buildings.

“For the past four years, I have seen a tremendous change at Jeff from moving out from under the dark cloud to the school improving its beauty. Also from the mascot to the new buildings. I’d like to thank admin. for giving us the opportunity to witness this and we are all so excited and grateful.”

We at the Paw Print are also very excited and grateful for the new buildings and all the opportunities it will bring to the Science Department and band.

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  1. Mr. Brockmeyer
    April 11, 2016 at 10:54 am

    Wow! Fantastic job! I love the quotes from the staff and students as well as the first photo of the ribbon. Great job everyone!

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