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Jefferson High School, Daly City, California

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December 11, 2017

Seniors look back as their last year at Jeff begins

20160927_124712As students grow older and become high school seniors, we reflect on who we might have once been before and now prepare to grow into real adults.

At Jefferson High School, I asked four seniors about who they were when they got here and how they have changed for the better or worse. Neal Saman said he was super happy to have come into high school because it changed him as a person and he is able to express himself more often and be more open. Rebree Malate says he feels more friendly and appreciates how he dresses because he gets a lot of compliments from people. Raul Balyut says he misses being a freshmen because he gained more stress and battles it daily. Alex Angeles says she was once an immature and annoying person, but is more more mature and less annoying and feels more like a grown adult.

Memorable moments are what we take with us from high school and something we cherish. Malate says he feels like his high school life was great because of meeting his girlfriend who is there for him and vise-versa and because of it he is less lonely. Alex says she will remember meeting her friends, looks forward to seeing who she will keep in touch with in the future. Neal is glad to have also met great people who are always there when he needs them. Raul says he has only gained stress and is trying to keep up with staying at the top of his game.

When we leave high school we have things we will both miss and look forward to. Raul will not miss the stress he carries and looks forward to getting rid of something that he feels very hindered by. Alex says she will miss her friends because she will be sad to leave them. However she looks forward to seeing which friends would be there for her until the end. Rebree says he will not miss high school, but will look forward to going into a new experience with the people he is closest with. Neal will miss high school because its where he made most of his friends, and is saddened because he knows that not all of his friends will be going to the same college or career and may drift apart.

From these four high school students we can tell that the main foundation of students could be that most of us have a strong bond with our friends and will probably be saddened to leave them as well as glad to change how we once acted and are glad to mature.

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