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Jefferson High School, Daly City, California

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December 11, 2017

Gas leak impacts campus

By Jake Tanner

At Jefferson’s Football game against Carlmont on October 28th, a parent reported smelling gas, which led to the discovery of a gas leak on campus, The source of the gas leak is still being sought, but school administrators are hopeful that the spot will be pinpointed soon and handled properly.

During the Football game on Friday, when a parent dgasleak86etected the gas leak, the parent notified a school administrator, who in turn contacted the school’s utility company, Pacific Gas and Electric, according to Mr. John Schultz, the Director of Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation for the school district,, and Mr. Mark Beshirs, Jeff’s principal.

“Upon troubleshooting the issue, we discovered that there was a residual gas detected in the underground electrical vaults adjacent to the Main Gym,” Mr. Schultz said. The leak was narrowed down to one of three major gas mains which flow to various buildings. Thankfully PG&E restored gas to three quarters of  the school after it had initially been shut down campus-wide.

Even though the gas leak was confined it is still a concern. “As for this one, there is only residual gas being detected and not an active discharge,” Mr. Schultz said. To fix this conundrum, Mr. Schultz is trying to narrow the source by potholing various locations to pressurize gas piping to find the leak. Temporary gas service will be used in the Home Economics kitchen to continue the school’s cooking program. Site administrators will also be kept abreast with each step of the operation.

This gas leak affects teachers, students, and staff alike because some of the classrooms that run off of gas heaters and not electric will not have heat, Mr. Beshirs said. However, the  cafeteria kitchen, school pool, and most classrooms have heat restored. Mr. Schultz is unable to predict when the source will found, or when the issue will be resolved. He does ask that students be aware of their surroundings, as there will be digging equipment, workers, and barriers in place around the various locations being excavated.

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