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December 11, 2017

Senior year parking

jhsMany seniors, along with parents of students who attend Jefferson High School,  are currently experiencing the daily stresses that come with driving to school, as they struggle to find parking around Jefferson due to the lack of senior parking.

As can be seen when one passes by or enters the gates of Jefferson High School, there is a parking lot that is currently being built on the campus. According to students, this parking lot was allegedly supposed to be done this year so that students who drive to school would have somewhere to park. Instead, many students are inconvenienced, and must search for parking spaces everyday.

When asked how the lack of student parking affects him senior Aaron Campos answered, “Usually if I don’t find parking, I’m circling the campus wasting my precious minutes that eventually cost me a marked tardy. It’s very annoying, and I wish that admin would cut me some slack at times. It’s not fair that kids are at school on time everyday, but get marked tardy just because they couldn’t find anywhere to park. The lack of parking just makes me late and screws up my entire day.”

The lack of senior parking can get in the way of many students’ educations as they are forced to circle the school in search of parking lots rather than make it to class on time.

Students aren’t the only ones who are affected by this problem. Many parents who drop their children off at school suffer too, as they must be late for work because they must drop off their child who no longer wishes to drive to school.

When asked how the lack of senior parking affected them one Jefferson parent answered, “My child has a car that they can drive to school, but they can never find parking, so sometimes I will volunteer to drive her to school, but I will sometimes end up being late to work trying to drop her off. It messes up my entire schedule and I wish that the construction workers would hurry up their work.”

Although, it is not the administration’s fault that the construction is taking so long, many Jefferson parents feel that it was unfair of the administration to promise kids something that they won’t be getting as soon as they were told they would.

When asked how they felt  about the administration promising Jefferson students parking by senior year given that the lot is not done yet, one Jefferson parent answered, “That’s really unfair to the students. My kid has been counting on that parking all year because I can’t drive them to school everyday, and when I do drive them, I can barely maneuver through the huge crowd of parents dropping off their kids. It’s a lot to go through just to drop off one person.”

The unfinished parking lot is a problem for Jefferson students as well as many parents,  who feel that was unfair of admin. To promise students something that has proved itself to be false, and they should let students know when the lot will actually be done. Students want their parking, and are fed up.

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