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December 11, 2017

Arts & Entertainment

A Seat at the Billboard Table

Soulful and empowering, Solange Knowles’ newly released album “A Seat at the Table” has earned her and her sister Beyonce two seats at the table of Billboard music history. The two sibling artists join the exclusive few siblings who have held albums ranking number one on the Billboard top 200 music charts.  Historically speaking, only


Trick or Treating? How old is too old?

By Matthew D. Cardoza Every October 31st, millions of people celebrate Halloween, a night of spooky celebrations and ghoulish fun. Thousands of people get their preferred costumes and go out to have fun. One such tradition people partake in is trick or treating, an event where people, mainly kids, go out door to door asking


The DCEU: Potential Lost, Hope Gained

In an effort to compete with Marvel Studio’s ever-expanding cinematic universe started back in 2008, Warner Brothers and DC entertainment decided to create their own universe, the DC Expanded Universe (DCEU). But instead of following Marvel’s strategies of building the universe from the ground up, DC decided to start by rushing the origins of their


Gotta Catch’em All: Pokemon Go fever hits Jeff

Pokemon Go is such a popular game because it allows people to venture beyond their homes and dive into the mystical world of Pokemon, a world that allows them to feel as if they are a real life Pokemon trainer, but how does it affect our fellow classmates and staff here at Jefferson High School?


Teens talk about the influence of celebrities

Now more than ever celebrities have a huge influence on a teenagers. The main question everyone would like to know is how do these celebrities have such huge impact on a person’s life? It’s pretty simple: Everyone wants to be rich and famous, and some will do anything to achieve it. Celebrities are everywhere to


A musical “alternative” to pop gains popularity

In the past couple of years, alternative music has slowly became more popular amongst the younger generations. With bands such as The 1975, Twenty One Pilots, and Imagine Dragons exploding with popularity, some agree that alternative music is slowly becoming a trend. In addition, these listeners agree that because alternative music is different from the


Star Wars fans range from the casual to the diehard

Star Wars is a movie that has a rich group of people devoted to it, more than any other. The franchise is known for having a very rich and diverse fandom, going so far as to bridge the generational gap between older and younger fans. The only thing that fans don’t agree on are the