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December 11, 2017

Fashion & Style


Trick or Treating? How old is too old?

By Matthew D. Cardoza Every October 31st, millions of people celebrate Halloween, a night of spooky celebrations and ghoulish fun. Thousands of people get their preferred costumes and go out to have fun. One such tradition people partake in is trick or treating, an event where people, mainly kids, go out door to door asking


Oversized style makes a comeback in 2016 fashion

Fashion has become more and more popular as years go by amongst both men and women. Most fashion inspiration comes from celebrities and society as a whole. There are a few fashion trends that have lingered into 2016. Among those fashion trends are the brand Nike, Kanye West’s Yeezy line, and statement pieces such as


Beauty gurus use YouTube to teach and empower

In this generation, there are many ways for people to find their calling. On YouTube there are many influential girls, women, boys, and men that are passionate about creating beauty with makeup, called beauty gurus. Beauty gurus make videos, blogs, and post on social media about different products and looks or makeup techniques. The more