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December 11, 2017


Social media causes adverse effects on young women

Be Sexy! Be Skinny! Be Perfect! What is sexy? What is considered skinny? What does it even mean to be perfect? These questions are constantly running through the minds of teenage girls and adult women in the world today. What does it mean to be beautiful? Every day social media portrays the ideal female with


Social Media and Society: Both positives and perils for adolescent users

A new era of technology emerges in the 21st century and brings social media into schools, influencing the adolescent mind through propaganda, societal expectations, and the bandwagon effect from communication within peers. It is seen every day at schools: adolescents and school peers prioritizing social media over their education, not knowing the impacts it could


Is vaping safer than smoking?

“I liked the buzz and relaxed feeling [that comes from] a cigarette… It slowly became a part of my daily routine. I tried quitting, but it was as if I needed it like I needed food.” Many can probably relate to this source when it comes to being hooked on cigarettes. Over the last decades,