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Jefferson High School, Daly City, California

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December 11, 2017

Spring 2016, Issue 1


Trick or Treating? How old is too old?

By Matthew D. Cardoza Every October 31st, millions of people celebrate Halloween, a night of spooky celebrations and ghoulish fun. Thousands of people get their preferred costumes and go out to have fun. One such tradition people partake in is trick or treating, an event where people, mainly kids, go out door to door asking


Gas leak impacts campus

By Jake Tanner At Jefferson’s Football game against Carlmont on October 28th, a parent reported smelling gas, which led to the discovery of a gas leak on campus, The source of the gas leak is still being sought, but school administrators are hopeful that the spot will be pinpointed soon and handled properly. During the


Rio Olympics produce memorable moments (and controversy)

Waving the celebrated flag featuring five rings that symbolize exceptional talents and amazing stories of the greatest of the greatest world athletes, the quadrennial Olympic Games, which hosted 306 events in 28 sports, took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from August 5 to 21 with eager sports enthusiasts and rabid countrymen from all over


Prom 2016: A night at the casino!

Jefferson’s class of 2016 will go on to finish off their last year of high school with a night to remember. The graduating seniors will party on, making memories on the dance floor with lots of music, and surrounded by students who’ve been around for 4 years. So, what is prom night? Most importantly, it


Teens talk about the influence of celebrities

Now more than ever celebrities have a huge influence on a teenagers. The main question everyone would like to know is how do these celebrities have such huge impact on a person’s life? It’s pretty simple: Everyone wants to be rich and famous, and some will do anything to achieve it. Celebrities are everywhere to


Oversized style makes a comeback in 2016 fashion

Fashion has become more and more popular as years go by amongst both men and women. Most fashion inspiration comes from celebrities and society as a whole. There are a few fashion trends that have lingered into 2016. Among those fashion trends are the brand Nike, Kanye West’s Yeezy line, and statement pieces such as


A musical “alternative” to pop gains popularity

In the past couple of years, alternative music has slowly became more popular amongst the younger generations. With bands such as The 1975, Twenty One Pilots, and Imagine Dragons exploding with popularity, some agree that alternative music is slowly becoming a trend. In addition, these listeners agree that because alternative music is different from the

Social media causes adverse effects on young women

Be Sexy! Be Skinny! Be Perfect! What is sexy? What is considered skinny? What does it even mean to be perfect? These questions are constantly running through the minds of teenage girls and adult women in the world today. What does it mean to be beautiful? Every day social media portrays the ideal female with

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